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Dear *|FNAME|*,
Introductory paragraph after greeting.

Headline Text - Styles - Heading 2

Here is an example of a content block with a headline and body text.  Feel free to use the Style dropdown menu: Heading 1, Heading, Heading 4, Default Text.  You may add Bold or Italics. Don't bold a headline -- use a style heading instead. You may also use numbered and bulleted lists. Please don't change any colours.  

Heading 3

Scroll below to see the more element blocks you may use. 

Heading 4

You may also drag in the content blocks on the right hand panel called:
Text, Image, Image Group, Image + Caption. (don't use the other content blocks)
You can
delete or rearrange these content blocks as needed.

Ready to add a body link? Here’s an example of a link.

Promo Blocks

You may duplicate or remove the promos below as you wish.

How to change the promo text

Your text caption goes here. If you want to copy and paste, click the icon with the Word Icon and paste. Maximum 4 lines (including headline). Read more

How to change the "Read more" link

Click the link icon and enter URL.  MailChimp recommends no shortened URLs to avoid spam. Keep "read more" on the last line, words together. Read more

How to change the promo image

Change the image by selecting "Replace." You can also have the image link to the blog by clicking "Link". 
Read more

I recommend limiting to 3 articles but we have the ability to add more.  I think 3 is more than enough choice for a user and having too many images can land our email into the junk folder.

CTA Buttons

You may choose one or two buttons. Click trash icon to remove the buttons you don't want. You could also choose no buttons at all, especially if you have a lot of promos above, but I recommend having a CTA button.  
A box "Drop Content Blocks Here" may appear after you delete the buttons, don't worry, it will not appear in the email.
*** If you decide to use two buttons, you cannot move both buttons at once. Unfortunately, you have to move the other blocks around them instead.

Optional instructions above the button.  I recommend 1-2 lines of text. 
Button text - do NOT write in all caps
Button text - do not write in all caps
Button text - do NOT write in all caps

Some optional element blocks to use:

You may use any of the element blocks below. Just duplicate them and then drag them up into the email where you want them. (If you delete an element and then later decide you want to use it, we have to recreate the element). 

Once you finished with your email,  remove all the elements that you aren't using by clicking the trash icon -- but don't remove the salutation block by accident.

Two column bulleted list block below - but this won't work for numbered lists :-(
  • List item one
  • List item two
  • List item three
  • List item four

This is a pull quote. Use this when you want to add a testimonial or highlight a quote from the email text.
Tip:  This is an information text box. You can use it to draw attention to important content. Use these text boxes instead of "*Note" etc.
Success:  This is an success / happy path alert box. You can use it to draw attention to important content.
Warning:  This is an warning alert box. You can use it to draw attention to important content.
Danger:  This is an danger alert box. You can use it to draw attention to critical content.

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